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ISO10545-4 Strength Testers - Modulus of Rupture (MOR)

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Precision ceramic test equipment for strength testing with extended electronics for the measurement of the breaking force and flexural tensile strength of the ceramic tiles according to the Standard ISO 10545-4.


General features: -
Scale: 0,5+800 Kg –
Reading: 0,01 Kg (10 g) full range with an accuracy ± 0.005 Kg of value displayed. –
Breaking blade operated by an electro-mechanical system
System for detecting applied load, by means of highly reliable strain gauge cells
Automatic testing cycle and Automatic tare
Digital reading with wide touch screen display, in 5 languages
Selectable measuring unit in Kg or Newton with automatic determination of the modulus of rupture in Kg/cm2 , or Newton/mm2 and the breaking effort in Kg. or Newtons.
Allows the possibility to re-enter the value of maximum thickness of the test after the trial for modulus of rupture re-calculation. –
30 reference sizes that can be memorized – with storage of the last 29 measurements taken
Descent velocity of the breaking blade is adjustable through the control panel, which is set up automatically with the standardized increases of the applied load in accordance with ISO 10545-4, and with graphical display
Fast approach and fast end of-test return.
Methacrylate frontal and rear protection with safety micro switch
Output: serial RS 232 C for connection to PC or printer
Auxiliary output 230V max 4A - Electric supply: 230V single-phase 50/60Hz.

MOR/5-TS series -1800 Kg
These instruments offer a greater load range for tiles with greater thickness and breaking load.
It can be also be used for both green or dried materials without using any additional accessories
General features:
Similar to above with exception of
Scale: 0,5+1800 Kg Reading: 0,02 Kg (20 g) full range Accuracy ± 0.010 Kg of reading value.
Minimum tile size 10x10 cm. - Maximum tile thickness 40 mm.

Product Code

800kg Models Available

MOR/5-TS/65 model
Max tile size 65 x 65 cm: Overall dimensions: 108x85x78 cm : Net weight: 113 Kg

MOR/5-TS/95 model
Max tile size 95 x 95 cm : Overall dimensions: 142x116x78 cm : Net weight: 183 Kg

MOR/5-TS/125 model
Max tile size 105 x 125 cm: Overall dimensions: 172x126x78 cm Net weight: 240 Kg

MOR/5-TS/125/S model
Max tile size 125 x 125 cm : Overall dimensions: 172x147x78 cm Net weight: 270 Kg

MOR/5-TS/185 model
Max tile size 125 x 185 cm: Overall dimensions: 232x147x78 cm Net weight: 360 Kg

1800kg Models available

MOR/5-TS/65-1800 model
Max tile size 65 x 65 cm Overall dimensions: 108x85x78 cm; Net weight: 154 Kg

MOR/5-TS/95 model
Max tile size 95 x 95 cm Overall dimensions: 142x116x78 cm; Net weight: 223 Kg

MOR/5-TS/125 model
Max tile size 105 x 125 cm; Overall dimensions: 172x126x78 cm ;Net weight: 350 Kg