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Torsion Viscometer (Universal or Gallenkamp type)

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The Torsion Viscometer (formerly called the Gallenkamp Torsion Viscometer or the Universal Torsion Viscometer) has been used in ceramic testing to measure the viscosity and thixotropy of ceramic slips and glazes all over the world for well over 50 years
The torsion viscometer is an easy to use and easy to maintain instrument that offers repeatable results with low operator skill and will have a long working life


The Anderen "Gallenkamp type" Torsion Viscometer has been designed for use in the typical environment found in ceramic testing laboratories and production areas in ceramic factories.

It is an essential in process instrument for helping to control the properties of ceramic slips and glazes

The Anderen Torsion Viscometer has three levelling points for easy adjustment, a trouble free PTFE bearing and a unique sample table which can be raised vertically (the preferred method or rotated horizontally into position.
All accessories are fitted and adjustments easily made by means of the brass thumb screws. This means that routine maintenance can be completed without the need for any tools and screws do not seize up through rusting

The standard model is supplied with a 30swg torsion viscometer wire plus 1 spare wire, 1 x 11/16 torsion viscometer cylinder plus 1 spare cylinder and a stainless steel sample cup.

For information on how to use the Anderen Gallenkamp type torsion viscometer together with hints on how to service it go to video

We offer a wide range of spares for our own and other torsion viscometers and offer a repair service (no matter what make or age)
Whilst the spares listed are standard, we are also able to offer customized spares. If you want something slightly different please ask

Product Code

The "Anderen" Torsion Viscometer (Gallenkamp type) VIS004
Accessories and Spares
Torsion viscometer wire 30swg VWI030
Torsion viscometer wire 36swg VWI036
Torsion Viscometer bob 1/4 inch (6.35mm) VCY025
Torsion Viscometer bob 1/2 inch (12.7mm) VCY005
Torsion Viscometer bob 11/16 inch (17.5mm) VCY116
Torsion Viscometer bob 1 1/8 inch (28.57mm) VCY118
Torsion Viscometer bob 1 5/8 inch (41.27mm) VCY158
Torsion Viscometer Sample cup VFC001
Sample cup stirrer VST001
Sample cup jacketed VST001-JACK