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Autoclave (Craze Testing)for ceramic testing to ISO 10545-11

SanitarywareTablewareTilesBS4034-1990BSEN13258-2003ISO 10545 - 11


Ceramic testing equipment for the determination of the crazing resistance of the glazed tiles to ISO 10545-11 and craze resistance of tableware.


Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, this instrument is designed for the determination of the crazing resistance of glazed ceramic tiles and tableware. by exposing them to 10bar pressure
All units carry an independent safety inspection certificate
Functional Description:
Units are supplied with automated control through an electronic programmable controller. The instrument is pre-programmed to meet the needs of ISO10545-11 but the operator can also create their own pressure profiles
This instrument can perform both simple and complex cycles with multiple steps in the raising, holding and descending pressure phases.

Technical features:
Max pressure: 10,0 bar - 1000 KPa
Operating temperature: 180 °C.
Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
Basket with dividers for samples
Dry painted steel base and cabinet for switchboard.
Construction: electro-welded.
Cover: flat. Bottom: convex
Cover seal: through self-sealing silicone gasket.
Cover closed with high resistance screws with hand wheel, safety anti-opening feature which acts when the unit is under pressure
Cover opened with hinge
Heating: electrical power three-phase
Cooling: water circulation coil controlled by a solenoid valve - requires mains feed
Insulation: rock wool.
Automatic test cycle with end-of-test beeper.
Control board with keyboard and LCD display for test cycle setting and checking. (5 optional languages can be selected)
Operator settings:
(Please note that the settings for ISO 10545-11 are already pre-programmed into the controller)
• Operating pressure
• Measure unit pressure: bar - KPa
• Pressure gradient from 0,1 to 10 bar/h
• Dwell (pressure and time)
• Dwell at atmospheric pressure

Electrical heating with minimum inertia
Cooling by water controlled by an automatic valve (requires a water source and drainage facility)
Additional Equipment included:
Ware rack made of stainless steel
Safety valve preset at 10 bar
Pressure Meter 0-16 bar for the internal pressure control
It is possible to also use this unit to perform vacuum tests according to ISO 10545-3 (water absorption),

We recommend that clients buy spare lid seals when you buy the autoclave as these are a consumable item. We also recommend that you consider a spare element and element fitting kit to avoid down time.
Please note that it is very important to follow the operating instructions that are provided with the instrument to avoid damaging the element

* Please note that it is very important to follow the operating instructions that are provided with the instrument .
* An autoclave must never be run without water to avoid damaging the element
* It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that you meet all local safety legislation regarding the use of pressure vessels

Product Code

Autoclaves to ISO10545-11
Autoclave AUT350
Capacity 73 lt
Useful internal dimensions Ø 350x750 mm
Power requirements 3Kw 3phase (single phase available on request)
Net Weight 250 Kg
Overall dimensions 1600 x 800 x 750mm

Autoclave AUT450
- Capacity: 97 litres
- Useful internal size: ø 450 x 450 mm deep
Power requirement 5 kW, 3phase
Net weight: 250 kg
Overall dimensions: 1100 x 770 x 1300 mm

Autoclave AUT650
Capacity: 300 litres
Useful internal size: ø 670 x 650 mm deep
power 12 kW, 3 phase
Net weight: 510 kg
Overall dimensions: 1360 x 1050 x 1600 mm.

Spare Parts
Replacement element complete with fixing kit
Cover seal
Pressure gauge 0-16 BAR
Safety Valve 1/2"

You may also need
Handling kit AUT/HK
Heat Resistant gloves
PVC Dippers Gloves
Waterproof Apron
Methylene Blue dye
Plastic Beaker
Paint brush

ISO10545-11 requires samples to be viewed under
Light box producing 300 lx

You can order these with the Autoclave