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Water Bath Grant JBN26

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This unstirred waterbath is fitted with an integral heater and can operate up to 99C if fitted with a lid and also insulation balls. These are used for Thermal shock testing for tableware to BSEN 1183-1997 (Method A)


Grant Water bath JB Nova Series


PERFORMANCE › Set and Forget™ technology - fast heat-up, reliable temperature control

INTUITIVE › Simple to use controls, clear bright display

QUALITY › 3 year warranty, UK design and manufacture

PRACTICAL › Display lock - disables front panel controls

CONVENIENT › Drain tap, tray and lid included. Suitable for use with heat transfer beads

VALUE › Advanced dry start and run dry protection - prevents costly service repairs

The JBN26 is an ideal bath for ceramic applications. We do offer a full range of Grant baths for a wide number of applications - for other sizes please ask

Specification (JBN26 Capacity 26L)
Temperature range ambient +5 to 95°C
Temperature display and setting resolution 0.5°C
Stability (DIN 12876-3 @70 °C) ±0.5°C
Working area (l x w) mm 481 x 278
User defined calibration points 1
Drain tap ? ? ?
Heater power 230V/120V (kW) 1.4 / 1.05


Lid Options (Directs condensation away from immersed vessels, avoids contamination, reduces evaporation and saves energy)
Polycarbonate transparent lids AQL26
Stainless steel sloping lids LU28
Polypropylene spheres 2 x PS20 (Useful alternative to a lid, minimises evaporation and heat loss whilst allowing easy access to vessels in the bath; particularly useful for tall vessels)

For thermal shock testing in tableware you will also need a cold water bath. This may require a chiller if the ambient air and cold water temperatures in the lab are high

You will also need an accessory pack comprising
Methylene Blue dye
Large tongs for handling hot ware
Rubber gloves
Rubber Apron

Thermal Shock for Tableware Method B replaces the water bath with an oven (see ovens). You will also need the cold water bath and the accessory pack

Product Code

26litre Water Bath JBN26
Lid Polycarbonate AQL26
Lid Stainless Steel LU28
Polystyrene insulation Balls PS20 (2pks)

Cold water bath - TSCWB
Accessory Pack - TS ACCPAC