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Tableware Testing Equipment List

BS EN 1183-1997C368 (Ceram)


Tableware testing requires a mixture of specialist and general equipment


To assist clients who are new to testing tableware we have put together a pdf that lists the various tests and the equipment needed for each test.

You will notice that some tests use some of the same equipment. Depending on the scale of the test laboratory you can either use the same instrument for a number of tests or have multiple instruments.
A good example of this is an oven. By selecting one that reaches the maximum temperature required across all tests and a suitable size you may only need a single oven. However if you have a lot of tests to do that require different temperatures then multiple units may be needed

We have grouped the various test equipment requirements together under a "complete kit code" However you can buy individual pieces most of which are on individual pages on our web site.

Product Code

Most of the specialist items will be found in the web site