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Soil Test Hydrometer (Particle size Hydrometer)

General EquipmentSanitarywareTablewareASTM D422BS1377


The soil test hydrometer is a simple instrument that can be used to assess particle size


There are two versions of the soil test hydrometer available

For determination of size distribution according to BS1377. Range 0.995 to 1.030g/ml, subdivision 1g/ml. Adjusted for use at 20°C. Length 345mm.

For quantitative determination of particle size distribution according to ASTM D422. Range -5 to +60g/litre, subdivision 1g/litre. Adjusted for use at 20°C. Length 280mm.

We are able to offer third party calibration certificates if required. Please remember that these will be based on a set temperature of 20°C and will be invalid if testing is done at different temperatures

To perform this test you will need a 1000ml Cylinder. We recommend heavy duty borosilicate because the base is much stronger. However we also offer lighter duty cylinders which are lower cost.

You may also need a mixing plunger. We manufacture these from PVC.

Product Code

Soil hydrometer, BS1377 - SG640-25
Soil hydrometer, ASTM D422 - SG640-15
Calibration Certificate TCC
1000ml Cylinder Heavy Duty Borosilicate CY235-38
1000ml Cylinder Light Duty Borosilicate CY105-38
Mixing Plunger STMIX