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ISO 10545 Equipment Requirements

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Tiles are mostly tested to ISO 10545 which is divided into 17 sections. Apart from section 1 which is mostly relating to administration , the other sections require test equipment.

We offer equipment for most of the sections apart from for the chemical resistance test (these materials are usually available locally)

Below is a list of the equipment requirements for each test which can be found on individual pages of the web site


ISO 10545-2
Universal test gauge
Calibration tiles
Vernier Calipers
Fluorescent light (6000-6500 k)
1 m engineers rule
Light meter

ISO10545-3. Water Absorbtion
Dessicator (vacuum type)
Chamois leather
Vacuum pump
Boiling vessel

Integrated Vacuum system

ISO10545-4 Modulus of Rupture
MOR equipment

ISO10545-5 Impact Resistance
Tile impact tester
Calibration tiles

ISO 10545-6 Deep Abrasion
Deep abrasion instrument
Digital Calipers
Calibration tile

ISO10545-7 Surface Abrasion
Surface abrasion tester
Viewing box 6000 - 6500k
Abrasion charges

ISO10545-8 Linear Thermal Expansion
Thermal expansion instrument
Tile cutter with diamond tipped blade

ISO10545-9 Thermal Shock (2 methods)
Immersion method
Water tank
Dry method
Water cooled plate
Aluminium granules
Chiller may be required if ambient temperature is over 20C

ISO10545-10 Moisture Expansion
Measuring frame
Invar calibration bar
Kiln (600C)
Boiling apparatus capable of running for 24 hours continuous use
Tile cutter with diamond tipped blade

ISO10545-11 Craze Testing
Autoclave 10bar
Methylene Blue dye
Heat resistant gloves
Rubber gloves
Rubber apron

ISO10545-12 Resistance to Frost
Frost test instrument
Chamois leather
Balance (large platform)

ISO10545-13 Chemical Resistance
Locally sourced chemicals

ISO10545-14 Resistance to Stains
Motorised brush with test tank and cleaning fluid reservoir
Stain pack
Locally sourced chemicals

ISO10545-15 Heavy Metal Release
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Silicone sealant
Cotton cloth
Crystallising dish
100ml measuring cylinder
Disposible pipettes
Locally sourced analysis
Typical grade Acetic Acid

ISO10545-16 Colour Difference
Colorimeter CIE/CMC Lab, lightness

ISO10545-17 Coefficient of Friction
Tortus 3
Pendulum calibration rig
Pull meter

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