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Tortus III Coefficient of Friction Tester to ISO 10545-17

TilesISO 10545-17


The new Tortus III Coefficient of Friction Tester is the most advanced version of the original BCRA designed instrument, using the latest technology available on the market today


TORTUS III a self propelled microprocessor controlled precision instrument which directly measures the dynamic coefficient of friction, as it traverses a surface or flooring material used by pedestrians.

The battery operated instrument can be used to test the resistance to skidding of a wide variety of flooring surfaces including ceramic tiles in both dry and wet conditions.

Results can be downloaded to a PC via a USB connection. The benefit of this is that the unit does not require and connecting cables either to a mains supply or to a PC making it completely portable

The TortusIII provides an instantaneous reading of Coefficient of Friction on a digital display as it moves across the surface and displays the average value of at the completion of the test. The measurements are recorded to memory and can be retrieved using the USB Memory Stick.

Dimensions of the instrument 42.5 x 24.5 x 16.0 cms high
Instrument weight 6.00 Kg
Instrument weight with carry case 11.00 Kg
Power Requirement for charging 240 volt single phase 50Hz
(240 volt /12 volt Charger and cable supplied)
Operating voltage once fully charged 12 volt DC internal battery pack
(NIMH NICD assembly ten battery cells)
Friction foot material Type Four S rubber

In addition to the above supplied together with: -
Instrument carry Case
USB Memory Stick
One roll Printer paper
Conditioning tool for rubber foot

Alternative methods for measuring skid resistance
The Pendulum Skid Tester
The Pull Meter
The Ramp Slipperiness Tester to DIN 51130

When buying this item you may also be interested in a Surface Roughness Meter - which is require as part of the ISO test

Product Code

Tortus III Coefficient of Friction Tester TORTIII
Replacement 4S Slider TORT4S
Replacement Strain Gauge TORTSG