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Climatic Chamber for testing resistance to frost to ISO 10545-12

TilesISO 10545 - 12


Climatic chamber for determining resistance to frost to the ceramic testing standard ISO 10545-12


The Frost Resistance Testing instrument is fully automatic and has a preset programme to meet the requirements of ISO 10545-12 for tiles of up to 60 x 60 cm.

General features:
* Stainless steel tank and climatic cell. Cabinet for the switch board and compressor made of dry painted sheet metal.
* Large clearances within the cabinet and easy access to the tank and climatic cell guarantee ease of maintenance.
* Climatic tank capacity: Up to 10 samples (60 x 60 cm max) complying with ISO 10545-12
* Double overlapping tray for large and small sizes
* Complete submersion in water of the test samples
* Heating system for the reservoir water
* Control panel with touch screen. Language can be set to English
* Data storing on compact Flash (data processing software included) for recording the temperatures of the tank, reservoir and room
* Locked Pre-set program for the test complying with ISO 10545-12
* Additional storage of 9 user specified programs
* Temperature measurement units expressed in °C with 0.1°C-resolution displaying of the test status and of the temperatures in real time
* Sensors:
* PT100 thermo-resistances
* Level sensors for tank and water reservoir
* Reservoir water level indicator
* Tank drain valve: 1-1/2" ball type with electric actuator
* Reservoir drain valve: 1-1/2" ball type, manual
* Illuminated and acoustic signalling tower
* Emergency STOP button
* External RS 232 C serial output (communication software excluded)
* Power supply:400 V three-phase 50 Hz + N + PE 32A
* Weight empty 470 Kg.
* Overall dimensions: 161x155x161 cm.

Product Code

Climatic Chamber for frost resistance test FROSTEST-ISO10545-12