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The staff at Anderen Ltd are committed to offering the best quality service and ceramic testing equipment to meet the needs of clients worldwide

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From raw materials to finished products- whatever you need for in-process quality control, quality assurance, standards compliance and to reduce loss, increase yields and increase profit – working with our team will deliver the most effective solutions.

Producing ceramics is a multi-stage process. Quality Control throughout this process reduces loss and so improves yields.
Finished product needs Quality Assurance testing to confirm that it meets international standards.
The key to good quality ceramic testing is that it must be both accurate and repeatable.
This means that you need the best equipment available.

What you get working with Anderen Ltd

You work with a company with over 40 years’ experience supplying testing solutions worldwide
You have access to a wide range of products that meet the requirements of test Standards
You tap into an extensive knowledge database of the requirements of international ceramic test standards for tableware, tiles and sanitary ware.

It doesn’t matter if you want a simple test instrument or a complete ceramics R&D laboratory, you can be secure in the knowledge that when you work with Anderen Ltd, you are working with a professional company who have worked with most of the worlds’ best-known ceramics manufacturers over many years and who provide a service that is second to none.

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You will notice that there are several ways to make an enquiry and you can choose the one that suits you best.

However, if you use the “Specification Builder” form, this helps us to understand exactly what you need and this means that we can offer the right product to suit your needs as fast as possible. It is our preferred option.

We do, however, appreciate that not everyone likes filling in forms and so you can choose to simply send us an email with your requirements. In this case please provide as much detail as possible. We may need get back to you if we need more information.

Finally, you can always call 0044 (0)1782 326027